Corporate Worshops

Fit to Sit
• How to protect your spine for better energy and performance
• Preventing repetitive stress injury at work
• The secret to shorter injury recovery time

Maintaining Low Stress in a High Stress World
• Learn the different types of stress
• Tips and strategies for staying healthy during a stressful time
• Creating an action plan

Natural Headache Relief
• Learn the causes of headaches
• Get tips for easy low cost, low side effects solutions
• Have better focus, endurance and performance and less irritability

Travel Healthy
• Travel ergonomics
• Secrets to staying strong and healthy
• Keys to not losing momentum

The Human Potential Program
• Teaches you how to tap into your own inborn potential
• How to remove self imposed limits
• How to be as healthy as possible

Self Care for Caregivers
• Learn the unique challenges that caregivers face
• Secrets to maintaining energy, patience and calm
• Tips to restore, replenish and rejuvenate yourself

We also offer workshops and screenings to local groups such as scout troops, mother’s groups, schools, homeschooling groups and more! Let us design a workshop or screening to suit the needs of your group or organization!

Backpack Safety
• Facts about backpack injury
• Learn how to wear a backpack properly
• How to prevent backpack injury

Aging Gracefully vs. Growing Old 
• Learn where true healing comes from
• The difference between aging gracefully vs. anti aging
• Why doesn’t everyone heal at 100%?

Holistic Approaches to a Healthy, Pain Free Body
• Learn the 6 secrets that could change your life
• How to live a normal life without drugs, potions or procedures
• How to correct health problems at the ROOT CAUSE

Pregnancy Bootcamp
• The five essentials to the healthiest pregnancy and birth possible
• How to choose between a Midwife or an Obstetrician
• Who you should have on your birthing team

Traumatic Birth Syndrome
• What it is and how to avoid it
• Teaches how damage is caused to the spine and nervous system during the birth process

The Ritalin Controversy
• What exactly is Ritalin and Ritalin like substances
• How Ritalin is marketed to doctors and parents
• Teaches how to remove the nerve interference without the use of drugs

Raising a Healthy Drug Free Family
• Will teach you how to keep your family drug free and healthy for life
• How to save thousands on medical expenses
• Scientific research combined Holistic and Chiropractic philosophy

Heart Healthy Living
• Heart healthy lifestyle choices
• Nutrition tips

Women’s Health
• Why what we’re doing is NOT working
• How to cope with PMS, Pregnancy and Menopause
• A new concept…Developmental Health Care

Boosting Your Immune System Naturally
• Learn how to fight off bacteria, viruses, and even cancer
• Why a “healthy” body does not get sick
• What your immune system depends on

6 Secrets to a Healthy Child
• Why our children are so sick
• Where the problem begins
• The 6 secrets you need know

The Human Potential Program
• Teaches you how to tap into your own inborn potential
• How to remove self imposed limits
• How to be as healthy as possible

To schedule a workshop call us at 540-720-9355 (WELL).

• Develop strategies for Sustainable Sitting in an office setting;
• Avoid repetitive injury in a manufacturing setting;
• Care for yourself while caring for others in a healthcare setting;
• Stay flexible and healthy for frequent fliers;
• Learn natural ways to stay well, and stay productive, during cold & flu season;
• Alleviate stress and build focus through Better Breathing.

We also offer on-site chiropractic screenings and chair massage for your company’s Employee Appreciation Day or Wellness Fair.

Call us at 540-720-WELL or email to discuss our Corporate Outreach Health Education Program in more detail. Your employees will be glad you did!

Let us come to your workplace and work with you and your colleagues to:

We Offer FREE Wellness Events Tailored To Meet the Needs Of Your Unique Workplace, Industry, And Employees…And We Will Come To You!

Proactive prevention can help organizations mitigate risk and reduce absenteeism while boosting employee productivity and performance. Enjoy one of our many free health events and workshops. Attendees enjoy an engaging blend of instruction hosted by Dr. Nylsa A. Correa and are encouraged to participate in Q&A sessions and group exercises, and receive resourceful handouts filled with valuable tips, prevention techniques and exercise information.

Community and Corporate Outreach

Community Wellness Workshop