Please download the appropriate New Patient Forms below, print them out and complete them before your first visit. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes earlier than your stated appointment time.

Initial Forms

We have many payment options available and accept many forms of insurance, health savings plans, flexible spending accounts and Visa/MasterCard. Whether dealing with an immediate issue, wanting support in correcting an underlying spinal concern, or using our service to maximize bodily performance, we have payment options that can work for you. Our helpful team will assist you with this process.


During your first visit, please bring any recent X-rays, MRI’s, or Cat Scans that are related to any Spinal problems you may be suffering from. Please arrive to the exam fifteen minutes early so that any extra paperwork can be filled out. The doctor will take a detailed history, and perform several different objective tests to determine if you have any nerve system pressure that may be causing your secondary symptoms. These tests will include a balance analysis, digital structure analysis, surface electromyography, and a muscular and intersegmental palpatory scan of your spine. These tests are all very easy and completely painless. After the exam, the doctor may also refer you to an off-site facility for any further imaging that needs to be done.

What do I need before my exam?

When you come to Naturally Chiropractic for your first visit, you will have an initial consult and history, and a complete chiropractic exam. You may also have a first adjustment if it is appropriate. If x-rays are required, you will be given a form and will need to get x-rays before your follow-up visit. Your follow-up visit will involve receiving a report from the doctor and our recommendations for care, as well as a financial consult. We will answer your questions and make personal suggestions for your greatest success.


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(*New Patient Visit and Consultation times are typically scheduled on Mondays and Thursday at 11:30 and 3:00, and Wednesday at 3:00)

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